Introduction To Twinning

Twinning can be defined as a coming together of two communities/regions seeking to strengthen or develop common interests including education, economic development, arts/culture, tourism, sports and community.

Benefits of twinning:

  • Builds capacity through the exchange of skills and knowledge both at community and organisational level.
  • Allows the sharing of best practices that have been used by others and that have proven effective.
  • Potential for collaboration with the proposed town or region on projects which may be of benefit to both.
  • Economic benefits, which are likely to be gained in terms of trade, commerce and tourism.
  • The benefits to be gained from political co-operation and interaction.
  • Promotes solidarity and a feeling of belonging to a larger community.
  • The potential for cultural exchange between community, arts and sporting groups.

County Kildare and a number of towns within Kildare have established successful twinning partnerships over the years.

All Twinning committees in the county shall be supported by their Municipal District Committee and adhere to the Kildare County Council Twinning Policy.

The Twinning Liaisons Committee was established membership including five elected representatives one from each Municipal District, Arts Officer, Kildare Tourism CEO and Local Enterprise Office representative.

The purpose of the committee is to provide a strategic overview of twinning in the county through monitoring of our Kildare Twinning Policy, assessing grant applications and providing support to twinning groups in the areas of culture/tourism and economic aspects of twinning.

For more information please contact or phone 045 980660